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Alli Marshall is a poet, performer, writer, editor, film maker and creative community builder. She’s interested in moving writing beyond the page, seeking the golden in the mundane, finding the intersection of art and social justice, and reconnecting with mythology — both ancient and modern.

Writing portfolio here; resume here and here.


• Alli Marshall was named “Artist whose work pushed the boundaries of storytelling” for her multimedia project MER/made at the 2021 Asheville Fringe Arts Festival.
• SWEET HEART / BITTER HEART, An audience-participatory, one-woman show and exploring the juxtaposition of relationship anxiety and environmental decline, told though spoken word and party games. Performed at the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival in 2020.
• Flyer in a Dark Chamber: Meditations on Lilith, an exploration of the Lilith archetype told through spoken word, ambient sound, modern and Butoh dance. Performed in 2019 at Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center
• The Oracle of Everything An audience-participatory, one-woman show of spoken word and divination. Performed at the Asheville Fringe Arts Festival in 2019.
Sleeping on Rooftops, a modern hero’s journey told through spoken word, dance, and experimental cello, performed at the 2018 {Re}HAPPENING.
• 2018 UNC Asheville Ramsey Library Community Author Award
• Performance of Flying Clothes & Prose with The Literary Circus for the 2018 Asheville Fringe Arts Festival
• 2018 North Carolina Press Association: Arts and Entertainment Reporting, 2nd and 3rd place; Headline Writing, 3rd place
• Contributor to the collaborative, multi-media responsive exhibitions Object as Poet and Craft with a Stranger at The Center for Craft, Creativity and Design, 2017
• 2016 Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize winner
• 2016 Rash Award finalist
• 2016 Shrewd Writer Award winner
• 2016 Thomas Wolfe Literary Award semifinalist

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  1. Hi Alli, I think we may be on the same Debut Fiction thing – for BEA summer issue. I come over to Asheville pretty often, and generally stay with Mary and Wayne Caldwell (Wayne is a wonderful novelist). Congratulations on your book. Ray

    • Hi Ray, I don’t think I’m part of the BEA debut fiction. But congratulations to you! I hope to run into you sometime when you’re in Asheville.

  2. Hi Alli, You won’t know how excited I was when I read the postcard about your book, “How To Talk To Rockstars”, and realized – I know that author. Joni and I are in South Padre Island Texas running the only independent full service bookstore in the county, Paragraphs on Padre Blvd. If you ever get down this far, we would love to host you for a signing. All our best.

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