LETTERS TO ATHENA: A workshop on healing, writing, and accessing the goddess within


I’m so excited to announce my upcoming workshop. I hope you’ll join me — and Athena — on an adventure of words, stories, healing, and connection.

Letters to Athena uses mythology and the archetype of the Greek goddess to reframe our own stories. There will be writing prompts, response writings and free writes all aimed at connecting with Athena energy and our inner warrior goddess — but this is not a writing workshop as much as an afternoon of personal empowerment and communing with the creative power of the goddess. Join me Sunday, May 20, 3-5 p.m. at Asheville Raven & Crone, 55 Merrimon Ave.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 3.21.27 PMWhy Athena? The goddess of wisdom, courage and the arts is exactly the spirit we need to call in right now, in this time of #METOO, political and environmental anxiety, and the kind of reshaping and intense transformation many of us are experiencing. Athena is also known as the goddess of war, but I prefer to focus on her qualities of justice, strategy and strength.

Athena is a creative source, ruling arts, crafts and skill. By finding ways to tap into our own maker energy, we can commune with our inner Athena while also crafting beauty in our personal environments and the world around us. When strength and courage meet artistry and skill — the result is unstoppable!

And, finally, as a virgin/maiden Goddess, Athena transcends the typical roles of women, opening up the definition of womanhood. She serves as illumination and focal point to women across the gender spectrum and can be worked with as an archetype no matter one’s lifestyle and a/sexual expression.

The workshop seeks to explore how we can tap into the Divine She by discussing Athena’s stories and our own intrinsic knowledge of her. We’ll also incorporate guided meditation, a few gentle stretches and yoga-type poses to embody the goddess, and personal shares as well as readings of the work we create in the workshop (for those who feel called to do so).

The title for the workshop is taken from a writing prompt where we’ll compose notes to our inner Athena and engage in a heart-to-heart with our personal warrior goddess spirit, our untapped creative potential, and the parts of ourselves and our herstories we wish to heal and nurture.

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