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Image from the japantimes.co article “Japan’s men and women must stand together against the scourge of sexism,” which is mostly depressing but does use the awesome word “womenomics.”

• “What It’s Like to Transition in Trump’s America” by Katelyn Burns in Elle: “I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford the things I need to live my life authentically. … It scares me that as a trans person of color, I’m not sure anyone would jump to my defense.”

• “Why American needs a slavery museum” video posted by The Atlantic: “We need to understand today whey we have so many problems in America, why so many people are in jails, why so much poverty, black people being shot and killed like game. All that was rooted in slavery. If you don’t understand the source of the problem, how can we solve it?”

• “On Realizing I am Black” by Gabriel Ramirez: “In Boston, I held the elevator door for every racist that I looked better than…”

• “To Understand the Cost of the War on Women, Look to Mississippi” in Mother Jones: “The reaction used to be, ‘Oh, look at what’s happening in Mississippi.’ … Now it’s ‘Oh my God, this is happening in my backyard.’ People are really alarmed.”

• “I Do Sex Work So I Can Look At Myself In The Mirror” by Angel Archer in Huffington Post: “The narrative of a person entering the underground economy to afford medical expenses has a kind of tragic romance a la Breaking Bad, illuminating the human cost of market failure in the nation with the highest nominal GDP.”

THINK ABOUT IT: #BlackWomenAtWork is a twitter hashtag. Because it has to be. Because the United States is a giant racist jerk. But thanks to the omnipresence of social media, we white people can follow the tag, think about what it tells us, and actually ramp up our learning curve. Here are some things that our POC coworkers are dealing with:

White ppl get mentored, POC get policed in the workplace.

: Was asked if I have a dad, hair was touched without permission, was called a monkey and chav…This was my first day.

When you raise an issue over & over again in meetings, over email, etc & everyone acts like they didn’t hear you.

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