Happy birthday Wilma Dykeman!

Wilma Dykeman was born in the Beaverdam Community (now part of Asheville) on May 20, 1920. In her writing, she explored the people and land of Appalachia. Her 18 books included The Tall Woman (1962), The Far Family (1966), and Return the Innocent Earth (1973). In her first book, The French Broad (1955), she “made the first full-fledged economic argument against water pollution (seven years before Rachel Carson),” according to wilmadykemanlegacy.org.


Dykeman sitting on the Clifton Heights balcony, early 1960s


โ€œSometimes it seemed that work was the only certainty, the only lasting truth in a human world of fitful change. Work and the mountains remained.โ€ โ€” Wilma Dykeman

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